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UIL Realignment Information

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2014-2016 UIL Realignment

What process does the UIL use to realign districts?
The process used for realignment of schools is posted on the UIL webpage. You may access their process from the following link: .

What teams will Weatherford High School compete against in the 2014-2016 realignment?
Weatherford High School is in District 4 and will compete against Arlington, Arlington Bowie, Arlington Houston, Arlington Lamar, Arlington Martin, Fort Worth Young Womens Leadership (basketball only), Fort Worth Paschal, and North Crowley.  

What is the enrollment cut point for the 2014-2016 realignment?
6A = 2,100 and above
5A = 1,060-2,099
4A = 465-1,059
3A = 220-464
2A = 105-219
1A = 104.9 and below

What is our high school enrollment for the 2014-2016 realignment?
The enrollment submission that was used to determine classification and district alignments for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years occurred on Friday, October 25, 2013. Weatherford High School’s enrollment submission was 2,227 students in grades 9-12. This number includes 66 transfer students, 15 of which are children of employees, and 4 who are enrolled in the area deaf education program.

How many schools are in each classification?
6A = 245 schools
5A = 253 schools
4A = 186 schools
3A = 214 schools
2A = 201 schools

Does our transfer policy increase our enrollment numbers enough to shift us into 6A?
Weatherford ISD’s acceptance of transfer students did not result in Weatherford High School being classified as a 6A high school during this realignment. Included in our enrollment number of 2,227 were 66 transfer students in grades 9-12. Of those transfer students, 15 are children of WISD employees and 4 were children enrolled in the area deaf education program that Weatherford ISD provides.
If you subtract the number of transfer students and those students enrolled in the deaf education program, Weatherford High School would have still been 57 students over the cut point for 6A.

What about the new 6A division?
Class 6A was created, but not to house the state’s mega-high schools. Instead, during the 2014-16 realignment, the current Class A will be split in two, with the remaining classes relabeled; subsequently, 5A becomes 6A, 4A becomes 5A, 3A becomes 4A, and so on.