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Covid-19 Positive
Prior to reporting to work, it is important to notify the campus nurse if you are not feeling well and have Covid symptoms. The nurse is happy to answer your health-related questions.
Our KangaRoo Care providers are available for all WISD staff members and students. They can order strep, flu, Covid, and even RSV testing to get you the answers you need to make informed decisions. We also encourage you to see your primary care physician any time you experience symptoms of illness.

  • Staff who test positive for Covid-19 must isolate for 5 days following a positive test or onset of symptoms as per CDC guidelines. The day of symptom onset or a positive test is Day 0 when counting isolation days. They may return if all the following criteria are met:

      • If symptomatic, at least 5 days have passed since symptom onset, fever free*, and other symptoms have improved. *Fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications (acetaminophen, ibuprofen)
      • For those with no symptoms, at least 5 days after the day they tested positive.

  • If you are unable to return to work after your 5 day isolation period, please inform your supervisor and contact Human Resources by phone or email [email protected]. Employees must submit additional medical documentation for absences due to Covid-19 beyond their scheduled return date.
What do I do if I am exposed to an individual who tests positive with Covid-19?

Employees should monitor their own symptoms frequently and implement health and safety practices.

WISD Accommodation Request

If you need to request an accommodation please complete the Employee Request for Accommodation Form and return it to Human Resources Specialist, [email protected] and your supervisor.