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District Nurse Innovator of the Month

February 2019-


Jenny Kloven, RN- Tison Middle School


Jenny worked with her staff to not only create a well-oiled ERT, but also allowed her team to be innovative and creative to improve the process! Kim Brown improved Tison’s process by creating a charting method for the non-medical scribe. The charting sheet has now been adopted by other campuses to help insure that the details of emergency incidents that require the ERT are accurately recorded.


Jenny conducted a realistic drill with the cooperation of a teacher and students. The drill allowed the ERT to experience what an incident on campus might look like. They discovered areas in their plan that needed revision as well as parts of the plan that worked well……. Just in time for Heart Awareness Month!


 All of the changes were implemented and supported by Eric Sams, principal of Tison Elementary. The WISD nurses appreciate the support of the new procedures by all of our administrative teams! We are well on our way to becoming a Heart Healthy School District!


Great job Tison! Great job Jenny!

January 2019-


Lisa Marbut, RN- Seguin Elementary


At Seguin’s Christmas Carnival, Lisa set up a booth to promote Kanga Care! Lisa was educating and signing up parents upon arrival at the front door! Her booth was adorable! It was brightly colored and covered in red glitter! She had prizes, paperwork and information on the service. Lisa took initiative and used creativity to increase the visits on her campus. Lisa is impacting the lives of her students and parents every day by incorporating KCC into her practice!
Good job Lisa!

December 2018-


Bobbi Sanders, RN- NGC


Bobbi is also our American Heart Association District Liaison. She has taken on the project of educating the staff about the importance of heart health! Bobbi is a leader among the nurses. She has integrated Kanga Care in her clinic not only for the staff and students of the NGC, but she also serves all the staff of WISD that work in an area without a campus nurse!


Bobbi and the administrative staff at the NGC are developing an excellent way to help our families overcome roadblocks to health and school attendance. Together they are developing a packet for Kanga Care access that will be given to families along with education and encouragement during home visits and meetings. This resource will hopefully help families when access to healthcare is an issue.


I would also like to applaud this team on the wonderful integration of their ERT. It is impressive! I’m so proud of the accomplishments made at every campus by every nurse, but it’s exciting to celebrate with this team.


Thank you so much Dr. Jeff Bradley, Chris Gaines, Jennifer Bridges, and Bobbi Sanders for your innovative thinking and for always putting the students of WISD at the center of your motivation! This is awesome team work and a great use of resources! Great job NGC!

November 2018-


Kristy Rodriguez, RN- Ikard Elementary


Kristy discovered a way to really think outside the box when it came to advertising Kanga Care Clinics. Kristy worked with local apartment Complexes to put up flyers and posters letting parents know about KCC as a health care option for their kids! Bringing health care to the children of Ikard is a priority for Kristy. Her love of the community, the staff and students of ikard are obvious in the care she gives every day!

October 2018-
Mistie Bosworth, LVN- Weatherford High School/NGC/Hall Middle School
Mistie averages a patient load of 150 to 170 patients per week. She assists every nurse in the district with vision and hearing screenings. She works to cover our positions when we are sick or unavailable. She has more than a working knowledge of our policies and procedures. She responds efficiently and calmly to emergencies. She knows how to care for our diabetics, our medically fragile students and does procedures frequently. Students love and respect her because she shows them the same kindness. She has learned how to take care of kids in Kanga Care and how to do the labs in case one of us is away.
I have received multiple phone calls and emails from office staff and principals telling me how much they love having her on their campus. She is a team player and has often said, “I want to do what is necessary to take care of my team.” Mistie is a wonderful communicator, an innovator and an excellent nurse. She exemplifies our mission and vision every day in her practice

August 2018-


Bethany Smith, RN of Hall Middle School- 


Bethany worked with PCHD all summer to learn how the Outreach clinic works. She worked with the School to set up each Kanga Care Center and became our Athena EMR Super User. Bethany will be conducting a research study on community perceptions of SBHC and assisting both PCHD and WISD in our marketing. 


Michele Underwood-Hillis, RN of Crockett Elementary School- 


Michele has taken on the task of learning how teach, organize and schedule classes for ASHI CPR. Michele has spent hours working on web based CPR for our staff.. She also approved and entered immunizations for multiple schools so that every nurse could come back a little ahead of the game! Michele is doing the Skyward training for our new hires and has assisted in cleaning up unnecessary information from the computer program such as letters and medications so that our charting will be more uniform.