Employees of the Year Announced

Each year, Weatherford ISD recognizes outstanding employees from across the district's various support departments. Below is a list of this year's Employees of the Year, as well as information about them from their nomination. Congratulations to these six outstanding WISD employees!
Child Nutrition Employee of the Year – Amanda Green
"Amanda goes above and beyond to make meals look fun and tasty! She loves to try new things to see what her students might enjoy! She believes that each child should be greeted with a smile and hopes to start their day off on a positive note. She has even been known to sit on the floor with a student having a rough time to calm them down, make them smile, and get them headed off to their class on a happy note. She is the mother of the student that had a heart transplant over the summer, and yet, with all that is going on in her personal life, she never lets it get her down, and shows up every day with a smile and a desire to love on her students!"
Clerical Paraprofessional of the Year – Brooke Graham
"Brooke Graham is such a team player, very helpful, understanding and so caring to all.  She plays a huge role in the high school communications to students and their families. Each week, she coordinates and assembles the high school Smore newsletter that keeps everyone up to date on happenings at the high school, important dates and events, and student and staff celebrations."
Custodial Department Employee of the Year – Martin Nelson
"Martin consistently demonstrates exceptional performance and goes above and beyond his regular work responsibilities. He is a team player and actively collaborates with colleagues to achieve common goals. He’s supportive of his team members, willingly shares his knowledge and contributes to a positive and inclusive work environment. Martin consistently demonstrates a high level of dedication and commitment on his job and is a very important team member for our department!"
Instructional Paraprofessional of the Year – Cianna Lewis
"Cianna Lewis from Hall Middle School goes the extra mile to help her students learn and supports her fellow co-workers. She willingly does anything asked of her and is a loyal employee who shows professionalism and expertise in everything she does. She builds positive relationships with her students and teachers. In addition to her role at Hall, she is the crossing guard at the corner of Charles and Russell Streets. If you drive by Hall Middle School at arrival or dismissal time, you’ll find her smiling and waving to parents and anyone else traveling those streets. It is a joy to work with her!"
Maintenance Department Employee of the Year – Rosendo Torres
"Not long ago we had a family visit the DSB who spoke very little English. They were new to the area and trying to enroll their child in school. As I was trying to communicate with them, Rosendo walked in to do some maintenance in the building. As soon as he walked in the building I yelled "Help!" and asked if he could translate and not only did he translate, he had them follow him to Curtis Elementary so that he could translate for them there and help them enroll their child on the computer. We can't think of a better example of going above and beyond to help a family."
Transportation Employee of the Year – Bobbie Wall
"Earlier this year, Bobbie Wall handled an incident that occurred on her bus with fierce determination and with unimaginable grace. She was determined to take care of the students on her bus during a very unusual situation. We couldn’t be more proud of her professionalism and her dedication to our students."