Weatherford Independent School District

Kindergarten Roundup at All Elementary Campuses - Tuesday, February 25, 2020 from 9-11 am and 6:00-7:30 pm

22nd Annual Weatherford/Parker County NAACP/MLK Jr. Essay, Artistic Expressions & Coloring Contest Winners

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Essay Contest
Third Place - Georgia Farhat (Ikard)
Second Place - Zulybeth Oviedo (Ikard)
First Place - Alex Flores (Ikard)

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Coloring Contest
Third Place - Garreth Roden (Ikard)
Second Place - Aspen Dixon (Crockett)
First Place - Jaime Gray (Seguin)

Grades 3-4 Essay Contest
Third Place - Jayden Smith (Martin)
Second Place - Dianna Antonio (Seguin)
First Place - Abbygail Lynn (Seguin)

Grades 3-4 Artistic Expressions Contest
Third Place - Austin Markwart (Crockett)
Second Place - Gencye Paschall (Austin)
First Place - Maia Johnson (Crockett)

Grades 5-6 Essay Contest
Third Place - Ava Miller (Martin)
Second Place - Avery Decker (Curtis)
First Place - Alex Rodriquez (Ikard)

Grades 5-6 Artistic Expressions Contest
Third Place - Carlos Flores (Wright)
Second Place - Cole Tierce (Wright)
First Place - Mady Wolfsen (Wright)

Grades 7-8 Essay Contest
Third Place - Avery Bullock (Hall)
Second Place - Shelby Underwood (Hall)
First Place - Hudson Rowell (Hall)

Grade 9 Essay Contest
Third Place - Destiny Kenas (NGC)
Second Place - Gracie Wood (NGC)
First Place - Justin Daniel (NGC)

Grade 9 Artistic Expressions Contest
Third Place - Genesis Merrick (NGC)
Second Place - Marcus Buckley (NGC)
First Place - Jadyn Jones (NGC)

Curtis Elementary student Avery Decker places second in the Grades 5-6 Essay Contest (courtesy photo).

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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