Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees Approves Additional Safety Measures

At the Regular Meeting of the Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees held on June 11, 2018, the Board unanimously approved additional safety measures that include a concealed carry program for staff. 

Regarding the concealed carry program: 

  • Staff participation in this program is voluntary
  • Individuals will undergo a thorough screening process including a psychological review, fingerprinting, background check, and administrative approval
  • There is an extensive training component and annual training requirement
  • Individuals selected will remain anonymous
  • The Defender Program does not allow any citizen with a License to Carry the right to carry a concealed weapon on Weatherford ISD property
  • In addition to the concealed carry feature of the Defender Program, this adoption also provides:
    • Classroom safes that will contain a safety vest, pepper spray, and a trauma kit.
    • Trauma and intruder training for all staff.
    • One Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, two Intervention Counselors, and an Intervention Teacher to support students’ social and emotional needs as a preventive measure.
    • A School Safety Coordinator who will be specifically focused on safety plans and processes for the District.
    • Training for students including safety drills and a “See Something; Say Something” training on situational awareness.
    • The implementation of a district-wide character education program.

Weatherford ISD administration will create a timeline for the implementation of the concealed carry program; however, details of the Defender Program will not be disclosed to ensure the confidentiality of this safety measure.