Facility Use Forms

Thank you for your interest in using a Weatherford ISD facility.  Weatherford ISD is committed to permitting the use of district facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities as long as the activities do not conflict with school district use or with Board Policy GKD. All facility use/rentals are coordinated through the Facilities Department.  For more information or to submit a Facility Use Request, please contact Shari Morgan.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Weatherford ISD may limit the use of or temporarily suspend the use of district facilities for non-school district related purposes.  All decisions will be based on guidance provided by local, state, and federal authorities.  Weatherford ISD reserves the right to amend all terms and agreements to ensure Weatherford ISD and all prospective facility users are in compliance with all requirements and restrictions related to social gatherings.  Due to the fluid nature of this situation, all prospective users must understand the ability to use district facilities is subject to change at any time and may impact an event previously scheduled. 


August 2020

Weatherford ISD is currently allowing the facility use/rental of district facilities for non-school district use as long as:

  • the activity or event is approved by the principal or building administrator
  • the activity or event does not conflict with any school district related event
  • the prospective user/renter signs the WISD Addendum to all WISD Facility Use/Rental Agreements, acknowledging adherence to all CDC, federal, state and local guidelines relating to the restrictions on social gatherings imposed at the time of the activity or event.