Weatherford Independent School District

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In an effort to provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and campus visitors, Weatherford ISD has implemented policies and processes that focus on campus safety. The District has also implemented multiple safety tools such as building camera systems, access control, fire and burglar alarm systems, a mass communication system, and a weather alert system.  These systems along with others work to provide quick notification of potential issues or threats so quick action can be taken place to avoid a serious event. 


Both campus staff and students are trained and drilled throughout the school year on a variety of potential emergency situations.  Each school campus along with support sites have detailed emergency operation plans which provide directions on how emergency events will be handled.  Also, Weatherford ISD works closely with all local First Responders (police, sheriff, DPS, fire, EMS, and hospital) through planning and conducting emergency drills so all are prepared if an event occurs. 


Weatherford ISD has partnered with the Weatherford Police Department to operate a School Resource Officer Program.  Currently, four Weatherford Police Officers serve in the role of School Resource Officer and work each day in our schools to add that extra level of protection.  The officers provide training to students, staff, and parents.  They also mentor students, oversee the Campus Crimestoppers program, and work closely with staff and students to develop solutions on important safety issues.