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Weatherford ISD is committed to providing our students, faculty, staff and visitors with a safe and secure learning environment.  Our commitment is reflected in the many best-in-class safety and security initiatives our school district has implemented.

Our schools are staffed with highly-trained safety and security professionals that work collaboratively with staff and local first responders to provide a safe learning environment for over 8,000 students and  over 1,000 staff members.  We also manage approximately 7,000 monthly visitors.

All of our schools have emergency operation plans and school staff make security and safety awareness a daily priority.

In 2018, a security framework with supporting initiatives was instituted.  Our framework is based on four principles:

  • Deter
  • Deny
  • Delay
  • Defend

Supporting Initiatives:

1. Hardening of Campuses - Weatherford ISD has hundreds of state-of-the-art internet protocol cameras, which gives key personnel the ability to view live video remotely 24/7. Our campuses are also equipped with video intercoms, duress alarms, automatic lockdown, fire and intrusion alarm systems with remote capabilities.  The District’s access control system protects our campuses from unauthorized access and controls the movement of people within our schools. Our campuses are also equipped with secure vestibule entrances, which enhances the safety of all students and staff members.  All visitors are screened (National Sex Offender Database Search) before being given access to our campuses. Classroom doors are equipped with commercial grade locksets and glass panes at key locations have been reinforced with Safety Film.

2. Collaborative Security Culture - All staff members received Safety and Security training so we can all function as members of our safety and security Team.  In addition to continuous training, we launched a mobile application that allows users to provide information anonymously by using smart cell phones, computers or by dialing a phone number.  The application is called "Roos Eyes Open" and it is managed by the Parker Country Crime Stoppers Program.  At Weatherford ISD, we realize that to be successful we must place safety and security ahead of convenience and assumption. 

3. Behavioral Risk Assessment Team - We developed a risk assessment program, which includes the implementation of a multi-disciplinary risk assessment team.  One of the objectives of the risk assessment team is to identify students that are at risk of harming themselves or others and provide them the help they need (early intervention and diversion from the pathway of violence).

4. Guardian Program - WISD has instituted a Guardian program, which consists of authorizing firearm possession by approved administrators, faculty and officials.  The program was built around a stringent framework that focuses on emotional intelligence, marksmanship, force on force tactics and exceptional decision making. 

School Resource Officer Program:

Weatherford ISD has partnered with the Weatherford Police Department to operate a School Resource Officer Program.  Currently, five Weatherford Police Officers serve in the role of School Resource Officer and work each day in our schools to add that extra level of protection.  The officers provide training to students, staff, and parents.  They also mentor students and work closely with staff and students to develop solutions on important safety issues.


The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority. Our goal is to maintain a balance between a welcoming atmosphere for students, parents, and the community while providing the safest environment for our students and staff.
  • All campuses have secured entrances. Our campuses also have additional safety enhancements including security cameras, perimeter keyless entries, classroom intruder-function door hardware, and additional parking lot lighting.
  • We have five School Resource Officers (SROs) in Weatherford ISD.  An SRO is a sworn Weatherford Police officer assigned to a school on a long-term basis trained to perform three major roles: law enforcement officer, law-related counselor and law-related educator. In addition, the officer works in collaboration with the school and the community as a resource for safety and security issues.  The SRO also provides a highly visible presence to deter crime and to identify trespassers on campus.
  • In addition to SROs, we have a Campus Security Officer assigned to each campus. These individuals maintain a visible presence on the campus throughout the day.
  • Weatherford ISD has School Guardians at each campus who are armed and trained specifically to intercede in the event of an incident involving a school shooter.  Signs are placed at all of our campuses informing the public of the presence of our Guardians on campus. Individuals in this program undergo a thorough screening process and participate in extensive training.
  • We have our BESST Team of Counselors who regularly conduct risk assessments and help monitor students in need of social-emotional support.
  • Every campus is equipped with the Raptor identification system for campus visitors. This system provides staff the ability to scan a driver’s license or other form of ID and runs that person’s information through sex offender databases.
  • Volunteers for all campuses undergo a criminal background check annually through the Texas Department of Public Safety. 
  • All campuses regularly practice mandatory safety/weather drills, including a Secure Drill, which is designed to prepare students and staff for an intruder situation.
  • We partner with local law enforcement agencies for safety summits and trainings.
  • We provide a mechanism for students, staff, and parents to submit concerns through the Anonymous Tips link located on the right side of every campus website.  Submitters have the option of providing contact information or may report anonymously. We take every tip seriously and investigate fully.
  • We continue to reinforce the importance of reporting unsafe conditions or suspicious behavior to our students. We also encourage students to tell an adult, rather than sharing concerns with fellow students or on social media..