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WHS School Song / Fight Song Lyrics

Weatherford High School Alma Mater

Blue and White

By De Vere Bowden and Howard Grimes

Arranged by Rebecca Anderson

As printed in the 1953 Melon Vine Yearbook


There’s a school down in Texas

They call the Blue and White.

It’s a school with standards high

It’s a school that stands for right.

With a faculty that guides us

To higher, better things,

With students that are loyal,

To Weatherford High we sing.


Dear Old Weatherford High forever

You’ll have our heartfelt praise.

You will always have our thanks,

You’ve served us a thousand ways.

Weatherford High, we’ll always be

Loyal, faithful, true to you.

We’ll sing your praise where're we go,

Our own dear “White and Blue.”


Fight Song 
Arranged by Bob Bradford

When the Blue and White go forth to battle,

Every son of Weatherford High

Feels the call to rally to the banner

With the spirit and the will to do or die.

So we’ll fight like men to win this victory

With the rush, we’ll sweep our foes away,

For we have got this team - that’s what!

And we have got the steam - that’s hot!

That's why we’ll win this game today!


Here’s to the team that will win the game

And bring us fame,

 We’ll praise their name,

Here’s to the team that we have to tame

Oh, what a shame

They’re not to blame.

Beware of Weatherford High!

We dare - to do or die!

All together let’s give our team a cheer,

Rah! Rah! Rah!


When the Blue and White has crossed the goal line,

And our foes are on the run,

Then we’ll give three rousing cheers for varsity

And a Kangaroo for the victory they have won.

With our banners waving in the breezes,

We will sing, we’ll shout, the band will play.

For we have got the team - that’s what!

And we have got the steam - that’s hot!

That’s why we won the game today.