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Logo Usage

Acceptable Use of the Kangaroo Logo

The kangaroo image and words create the primary Weatherford ISD logo.
  • The logo cannot be cut apart or positioned in any way that will disturb the integrity of the design.  Additional shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds, or other images may not be superimposed on the logo.
  • The minimum allowable size for the logo is 1 inch wide.
  • Exceptions to the minimum size may be granted for items such as pens, lapel pins, etc.  There is no maximum size limit, however, all of the design elements of the logo must appear clear and intact.
  • Alterations to the logo, including color, are not allowed.

Examples of Incorrect Logo Usage:

Image 1
Do not use multiple copies of the logo as a background image

Image 2
Do not print the logo at an angle

Image 3
Do not expand or condense the logo

Image 4
Do not print below the minimum size of 1 inch. The logo needs to be large enough to remain legible.

Image 5
The "W" listed as a tertiary logo is intended for limited use. No additional shapes, images, or words may be used with the "W" logo.

Use of Weatherford ISD Logo for Political Advertising
Use of the Weatherford ISD logo as part of a political campaign advertisement, sign, or poster is not allowed.