Colors, Font, and Guidelines

The Weatherford ISD logo provides a strong visual identity and represents who we are today while honoring our past by using our traditional colors and our mascot, the kangaroo.
Consistent and correct use of the logo as outlined on this website is important to ensure the success of clear communication and to achieve maximum visual impact. In order to achieve that consistency, use of the logo must comply with these guidelines.
Logo Colors
Weatherford Blue:
Pantone 286 CMYK 100,66, 0, 2
RGB 0, 51,160
Hex #0033A0
Weatherford Silver/Gray:
Pantone 429 CMYK 3, 0, 0, 32
RGB 162, 170, 173
Hex #a2aaad
It is not acceptable to substitute or use different colors in any of the Weatherford ISD logo images.
Official Font
The official font of the Weatherford ISD logo is House Industries United Semi Extended Black
- Tracking set to 320
Web Page Logo Usage
The minimum allowed size is 54 x 46 pixels. There are no maximum size limits, however, all design elements of the logo must appear intact.