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Selection of Library Materials

Selection of Library Materials
Weatherford ISD Library Services shall provide a wide range of instructional resources for students and faculty that present varying levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and a variety of points of view. The primary objectives of these instructional resources are to deliver, support, enrich, and assist in implementing Weatherford ISD's educational program.
Responsibility for Selection of Library Materials
Weatherford ISD's professional staff, to include the Library Media Specialist, shall select and acquire instructional resources for the library collection that:
  • Enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration students’ varied interests, abilities, learning styles, and maturity levels.

  • Stimulate growth in factual knowledge, enjoyment of reading, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and societal standards. 

  • Present various sides of controversial issues so that students have an opportunity to develop, under guidance, skills in critical analysis and in making informed judgments in their daily lives.

  • Represent many ethnic, religious, and cultural groups and their contributions to the national heritage and world community.

  • Provide a wide range of background information that will enable students to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.
WISD Libraries on Intellectual Freedom
Weatherford ISD possesses significant discretion to determine the content of its school libraries. WISD Library Services must, however, exercise discretion in a manner consistent with the First Amendment. 

Weatherford ISD Library Services hold that the freedom to read is a corollary of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press. Freedom of choice in selecting materials is a necessary safeguard to the freedom to read, and shall be protected against extra-legal, irresponsible attempts by self-appointed censors to abridge it. Weatherford ISD recognizes that not every book is the best fit for every reader. If a student discovers that a book is not a good fit, he or she should return it to the library. The librarian will be happy to assist the student in selecting a book that is a good fit for him or her.

Deselection and Disposal of Library Materials

Selection of materials is an ongoing process that includes the removal of resources no longer appropriate and the periodic replacement or repair of materials still of educational value. Materials to be considered for deselection shall no longer meet the selection criteria outlined in Selection of Library Materials.

Weatherford ISD Board Policy Manual EFA Local

Materials which have been identified for deselection from the Weatherford ISD Library collection in accordance with our Deselection Policy shall be disposed of in accordance with Weatherford ISD Board Policy Manual CI Local.