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In-District Transfers

A student’s residence in the Weatherford Independent School District determines his/her elementary and middle school attendance zone. A student is expected to enroll in and attend school in that assigned zone. A student’s parent may transfer to another school in the District, depending on the educational needs and in accordance with Board Policy FDB Local, and by working through the established transfer process which includes the signing of the transfer form by both principals and the Executive Director of Student Services. New transfers are approved one week prior to the beginning of the school year. After the school year begins, new transfers are approved at the beginning of the next grading cycle. Please note that bus transportation is not provided for transfer students.
To find your zone, please click HERE.
In-District Transfer Process (New Request):
  1. Between April 1-29, parent/guardian may pick up a transfer form from the school’s attendance office or click on the In-District Form below.
  2. Fill out one form per student and fill in information for the coming year
  3. Drop the Form at the District Services Building or email the Form to [email protected]
In-District Transfers (Continuers)

In an effort to meet the needs of our community, the District offers a “continuing transfer” to transfer students who wish to continue their transfer to the same school. In February, campus principals will review the attendance and behavior of current in-district transfer students. In March, those students who continue to meet the attendance and behavior requirements will receive a letter from the office of Student Services stating that they may continue their in-district transfer for the next school year. A student who does not meet the behavior and attendance requirements will also receive a letter stating the reason for the transfer denial.

Out-of-District (OOD) Transfers

Weatherford Independent School District has a vision to be the world-class district of choice. To that end we accept out-of-district transfers based on prior attendance, behavior, and space available. No tuition is charged for out-of-district transfer students; however, the District requires the applicant to apply for the transfer and to provide pertinent documents at that time: proof of residence in “home” district, school records such as attendance, discipline, and state assessment documents. If approved, students will be placed at the campus based on space availability. Bus transportation will not be provided for transfer students. For more information about the requirements for OOD transfers, please see  Policy FDA(LOCAL).
Students must reapply for an out-of-district transfer each year.
Out-of-District (OOD)Transfer Process:
  1. Parent/Guardian fills out an out-of-district transfer form below or comes to the District Services Building to pick up a form.
  2. Parent must provide appropriate documentation such as proof of residence in “home” district, the student's school records such as a report card, attendance and discipline record, and a copy of the child’s latest state assessment scores.
  3. Parent may drop the application and required documents by the District Services Building or email the application and required documents to [email protected]
  4. Depending on qualifications and space availability, a decision is made on the OOD transfer.
  5. If the transfer is requested during a school year, the Executive Director of Student Services reviews the transfer request upon receipt and sends decision letter to parent.
  6. If the transfer is requested for the coming school year, the decision for the OOD transfer will be made in August.
For more information about the transfer application process, please call 817-598-2803 or refer to Policy FDA(LOCAL) online under the Board of Trustees tab of our homepage.

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