Weatherford Independent School District

Grants to WISD Teachers

Announcing the 2021 Call for Grant Applications! 
Deadline to submit:  April 16, 2021
2020 Grant Awards Announced!
Rather than ask our teachers to submit grant applications during our COVID-19 shutdown, we presented $7,500 to each campus for a total of $82,500! 
Since 2001, the Weatherford ISD Education Foundation has given over $1.3 million to teachers for projects that bring innovation to the classroom and increase student engagement. 
Contact the Education Foundation office at ext. 3013 or email .  

We love calling this grant to Cody Dotson and Randy Hardin our "Jimmy Don" grant! If you're a fan of Fixer Upper, you'll understand.

Students in this class gain valuable experience using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to design, machine, and laser engrave their projects using the CNC Shark HD 4 Machine and laser engraving module provided from an Education Foundation grant.

Students at David Crockett Elementary, from Kindergarten to 5th Grade, have been learning how to use their new Sphero Minis provided by the Education Foundation!

Students had the opportunity to draw paths that represent code for their Sphero Mini to follow, and older students will soon begin coding the Spheros in the library using a block-based drag and drop interface.

Next they'll collaborate with Fine Arts! Crockett's "Coding from the ART" grant funded by the Weatherford ISD Education Foundation, will use the Sphero Minis to combine Art and Technology, allowing students to see the creative side of Computer Science while making learning fun! Students will paint with the Spheros, code them to dance to the beat of a song, and even work together to create an artistic light show.