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Athletic Training Information

Weatherford High School
2121 Bethel Rd.
Weatherford, TX 76087
Training room phones: 817-598-2858 Ext. 3560 or 3561
FAX: 817-599-5221
A licensed athletic trainer practices a form of health care that includes preventing, recognizing, assessing, managing, treating, disposing of, and reconditioning athletic injuries. An athlete is a person who participates in an organized sport or sport-related exercise or activity. A licensed athletic trainer practices under the direction of a licensed physician.
All students who participate in athletic activity at WISD must have a current physical on file in the office of the campus athletic trainer. The athletic trainer may require you to obtain a new physical upon his/her discretion. Reason may include such things as; new injury, illness or accident. You may choose where to obtain this physical.
Medical disqualification from participation is determined by collaboration between the student athletes physician and the staff athletic trainer. The staff athletic trainer works under the direct supervision of the physician and will follow his/her directions for treatment and rehabilitation of the student athlete. Under certain situations the Head/Assistant Athletic Trainer has the option of medically disqualifying a student athlete from participation when it is in his/her judgement that further harm would come to the athlete by participating.
If a student athlete is disqualified from participation by a physician, a physician is the only medical person who can clear them to participate under the supervision of the athletic trainer. All athletes who see a physician, or are instructed to see a physician, must have a signed clearance by that physician before returning to participation. At no time will the athlete be given permission to participate by a parent, coach, or athletic trainer when it contradicts a physician's orders. The Head/Assistant Athletic Trainer may return the athlete to participation when it does not contradict the orders of a physician.
It is recommended that the staff athletic trainer or coach be notified prior to taking an athlete to the doctor. Generally most injuries are minor in nature... i.e. sprains, strains, etc.., and can be rehabilitated and treated in the athletic training room. If you choose to go to the doctor without notifying the athletic trainer or coach then it is your responsibility to get the required paperwork from the doctor. If the athlete is medically disqualified for participation, the procedures as stated above will be followed.