Athletic Event Workers

All potential Athletic Event Workers must submit an online employment application to the WISD Human Resources department. Please click on the following link and select Non-Certified Positions: WISD Athletic Worker Employment Application 

**Payment: Once hired and assigned WISD Athletic event duties, all WISD Athletic Event Workers will receive an email from the WISD business office/payroll which will include their start date and unique pay code with event description, as well as a link to directions/process required for payment. All WISD Athletic Event Workers must electronically clock-in and clock-out for each duty assigned using a TrueTime fingerprint time-clock, Employee Access, or the Skyward Finance App. Using Skyward, the event worker must also review and electronically submit their time sheet to the appropriate supervisor each week. Pay periods begin Sunday morning and end Saturday night. Most employees have multiple codes that represent different pay rates and account numbers, so please use the unique pay code appropriate for your assignment and choose carefully when clocking in for duty.  Payment will be made through WISD payroll according to the WISD monthly payroll schedule.
**Current WISD employees: The head coach of sports utilizing athletic event workers must submit the name, campus and employment classification of all potential workers to the Athletic office at least two weeks (not including holidays) prior to the beginning of their sport's season to allow sufficient time for the extra duty assignments to be processed and approved. The potential athletic worker must receive a confirmation email from the WISD business office/payroll including the specific athletic event TrueTime pay code, event assignment description, and start date, PRIOR to working any athletic event. 
**Paper event worker forms are no longer being used.
If you have questions, please contact the the WISD Payroll office, the WISD Athletic office, or WISD Human Resources.