Weatherford Independent School District

Event Worker Forms

All Event Workers must submit a Volunteer Application to WISD Human Resources prior to the beginning of each school year. Please see the Process for Volunteer Event Workers below. To print the application, please click here.

**All Event Workers must complete and submit the current Event Worker Report found below on a monthly basis, and each report must include all events worked for ONLY one sport, during the month. Event Worker Reports/forms are only processed for payment once a month, after all events for the sport have occurred. Please do not use forms other than the current Event Worker Report found on this page.  Event Worker Forms must be complete, signed, and received by the Athletic office, during business hours, on or before the last school/business day of each month, in order to be included on the following month's paycheck. For events at Roo Stadium, please submit your form to Grant Priess. All others are to be submitted to the Athletics Office.  All sections must be legible and complete in order to be processed for payment.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Office.