Weatherford Independent School District

The first day of school is Thursday, August 20 for students learning at school and learning online.

Medical Conditions Policies and Forms

Medical Conditions

Physician’s instructions should be specific and on record annually for students with serious and significant medical conditions.  Parents need to consult with the Registered Nurse about any student needing a specialized nursing procedure (i.e.: nebulizer treatments, glucose monitoring, etc.). Written instructions from student’s physician and parents are needed yearly prior to the beginning of the school year or at time of diagnosis.  If there is a change in treatment, parents should provided the necessary physician documentation to allow for safe treatment during the school day prior to the return of the student to school.

For students who have diabetes, HB 984 requires that the student’s parents and doctor submit a diabetes management and treatment plan.  The principal, the school nurse, and the student’s parents will develop an individualized health plan. School districts are also required to provide trained, unlicensed diabetes care assistants (UDCAs) to assist students with diabetes at school, in the event a school nurse is not available.  Appropriate communication is vital for the appropriate care of diabetic students.

For students who have life threatening allergies, the school nurse, the parent/guardian, and the student need to work together to develop an individualized care plan. The District provides training for appropriate personnel to recognize the signs of anaphylaxis and how to intervene if a student has an allergic reaction. Communication is key to providing appropriate care for students who have life threatening allergies. Please see the documents below for further information.