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Medication Administration / Medication for Field Trips

Medication Administration / Medication for Field Trips


No medication may be given to a student without written parent permission.

All medication should be given outside of school hours if at all possible.  If it is necessary for the student to have medication in order to remain in school, the appropriate request form should be completed and returned to the campus clinic.  Forms may be obtained from the school.  Medication, prescription or non-prescription, will not be given without written permission.

Most medication will be secured in a locked area in the campus clinic. Maintenance of adequate amounts of continuing medication is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Prescription medication requires that the parent/guardian complete the medication form. Prescription medication, including inhaler, must have the student’s name on the label and be a current prescription. You can obtain a current prescription bottle from your preferred pharmacy by requesting a "School Bottle".

Non-prescription medication must be in the original container. Only FDA approved medications will be given.  Medication will not be given after the 10th day or the 10th dose whichever is first.  The medication usage should be reviewed by medical personnel and instructions given to the school to insure safe administration of the medication and that the student is receiving proper medical care due to long term usage of the medication.

A hand written request shall be accepted for a short time. It must include the date, child’s name, name of medication, time, amount of dose, and parent’s signature. An official medication request form will be sent home with the student and must be returned in order for continued administration of the medication. A signed medication consent must be on file for medication administration to continue. 

Students may NOT carry or self-administer any medications at school.  Exceptions to this regulation include the use of Epinephrine for anaphylaxis, Insulin, and asthma inhalers.  A physician’s signature for self administration will be necessary in these instances and will be kept on file in the clinic.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to take outdated/unused medication home. After notification, outdated/unused medication will be destroyed if not picked up.  Parents are strongly encouraged to pick up the medication no longer being used. Students will not be given medication from the clinic to take home. Medications not picked up at the end of the school year will be properly destroyed according to nursing guidelines.



Students may NOT carry or self-administer medications on field trips unless the above conditions are met.  Teachers/staff members will be responsible for carrying and administering medications.  The same procedures will apply.