Address / Name Change

Address Change

To change your address, phone number, or emergency contact information, log on to Skyward Employee Access and make the necessary changes. The change request is not automatic, but will remain as pending in Skyward until approved by HR.
Name Change

If you have had a name change you will need to complete the following steps in order for the name change to be made on official district records.
1. Complete a Name Change Notification Form (click below to access form). Either print out a copy or secure a copy from the HR office.
2. Take the completed form along with your new social security card to the HR office. Name changes cannot be made without a new social security card with the employee’s new name. If you have not applied for a new social security card, you may contact the social security administration by one of the following methods:
a. By contacting the Social Security Administration:
Social Security Administration
The Federal Building
819 Taylor Street
Fort Worth, Texas
b. By downloading a social security card name change application at:
3. Complete a TRS 11 Designation of Beneficiary form (click below to access form) if you choose to designate a new primary beneficiary due to marital status.
4. Contact the Benefits office if you need to make beneficiary changes to life insurance or other benefits.
5. Employees who hold certification (i.e., certified teachers/paraprofessionals) must notify SBEC of a name change at: