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Sick Leave Pool

Sick Leave Pool

An employee who has exhausted all paid leave and who suffers from a catastrophic illness or injury or is absent due to the catastrophic illness or injury of a member of the employee’s immediate family (immediate family means spouse, child, or parent) may request the establishment of a sick leave pool to which District employees may donate only local leave for use by the eligible employee. If the employee is unable to submit the request, a member of the employee’s family or the employee’s supervisor may submit the request to establish a sick leave pool. The pool shall cease to exist when:
  • the employee no longer needs leave for the purpose requested,
  • uses the maximum number of days allowed under a pool,
  • exhausts all leave days donated to the sick leave pool.

A maximum of three local days may be donated by an individual.  The total number of days available to an employee in a sick leave pool may not exceed the number of leave days available to the employee.

Process to Activate a Pool:

  1. The employee makes a written request to the principal or supervisor.
  2. The employee submits a Certificate of Health Care Provider for Employment for Employee's Serious Health Condition form.  The physician’s statement must be completed by a MD or DO.
  3. The principal/supervisor forwards the request to the HR department.
      • HR department verifies the unexpected surgery, extended illness/injury.
      • HR department verifies available paid leave.
  1. A Request for Donation of Sick Leave Form is forwarded to the employee’s campus or department.  Other district employees not on the employee’s campus or in their department may request a form from HR. 
  2. The HR department tallies the number of pool days donated and allocates the days to the employee leave balance and keeps track of the number of days used.

Please note:  Donated days may not be used for absences prior to the establishment of the sick leave pool.

Any additional questions should be addressed to the Human Resources office.